Regal Paints Clarifies On Market Propaganda

Regal paints, the leading paint manufacturers in Uganda have branded the market propaganda that is being circulated as false, sham, depraved and ill intentioned.

According to Regal Paints, there is a rumor being circulated in the paint market that it (Regal) is duping clients by filling Sadolin paint Tins with Regal Paint tins.

“I want to tell all Ugandans that this is very wrong information that is being circulated by our competitors. Regal Paint has been Regal Paint for the last so many years and it will remain Regal Paints for the next very many years,” said Regal Paints public relations manager, Felix Adupa Ongwech, during a telephone interview with Red Pepper, adding that, “This is totally a lie because even our customers have never complained. Should there be any complaint, I encourage our customers to come to our head office in Kiwanga.”

Asked about the whole reason for this, Adupa explained that, “You know, there is no paint company in Uganda that produces both cheap but high quality colour. The propagandists want to fight our big clientele because they have failed to match top quality and lowest prices. Regal Paint is a good quality product and very economical. Its price is not compared to Sadolin. If we decided to set the price of Regal Paints very low, why should our competitors fight us?”

Asked whether there is a possibility of other people duplicating Sadolin paints, Adupa said no. “First of all, our quality is high and cannot be duplicated. Secondly, our packaging is so unique that no other person can come near it. There is no duplicate regal or Sadolin in the market,” Adupa said.

He told Red Pepper that at the moment, they are investing in a multibillion plant for Sadolin, independent from Regal Paints.

A regal paint is one of fastest growing paint company in Uganda with its state of Art Manufacturing plant at Kiwanga, near Seeta along Jinja road. The company has the capacity to produce monthly 800,000 Lt of paints and products can be made available within 24 Hrs to 14 days depending on requirements and types of products.

They have a wide products ranges in Decorative paints, Industrial paints, Road Marking Thermoplastic Paints, Automotive Paints, Wood finishes and Varnishes, High Quality fillers, Texture and Multicolor Duotone paints suitable for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial uses.

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