Leaders Warned Against Mismanaging Govt Programs

The Minister of Gender, Labor and Social Development, Janat Mukwaya has warned leaders in Kibaale district against mismanaging government’s poverty eradication programs like the Youth Livelihood and Women’s Entrepreneurship Programs.

Mukwaya said the “government will not hesitate arrest them.”

The Minister who was in Kibaale on Saturday to monitor progress of the two programs revealed that although they had registered tremendous success with a number of beneficiaries having returned loans given to them, there were still challenges of financial mismanagement and corruption among the group leaders and at the district level.

Mukwaya visited a number of youth groups in Kibaale including Karuguuza Carpentry Youth Group and advised group members to be on the lookout of their leaders who may mismanage their funds.

Speaking to residents in Kibaale Town Council, she also charged at the Town clerk for failing development of the town.

This was after residents reported to her how economic activities in the town were moving on slowly because of low electricity supply since the town is connected to a single phase system which does facilitate the running of big businesses fit to run on a three phase system.


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