Coca-Cola Kampala Rolex Week excites Ggaba

Yesterday evening, Ggaba landing site hosted the on-going Coca-Cola Kampala Rolex Week festivities.  The festivity kicked off in the afternoon as teams competed for the day’s goodies which comes with an authentic chance to earn the bragging rights and of course, a ticket to represent the landing site as the best maker of the rolex.

While explaining to the crowd and competitors, the judges stated that criteria for the selection of winners is based on theme for this years festival, “Street Smart”, where rolex makers are tasked not only to make delicious servings but also pay attention to hygiene standards as they earn a living off the popular delicacy.

The day was crowned with presentation of Coca-Cola goodies to the winners and the overall winner walked away with a Coca-Cola ice cooler, a ticket to compete at main festival and Shs100,00 richer!

The landing site was the third stop in the week long celebrations that commenced in Kitintale on Tuesday and continued to Kyengera on Wednesday. The teams will visit different markets across Kampala with Kasangati, Katwe/Namasuba and Nansana next on the schedule. The Kampala Rolex Festival returns on August, 20th at Uganda Museum.



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