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Meet Penny Patra, Western Uganda’s sexy diva


yummy penny patra

Forget about the past, if you thought Runyankole music ended with Lady Mariam aka ‘Tindatine’, then trust me you have not yet tasted Penny Patra’s music. With energy, passion and erotic dance moves is one of the things that you can’t forget when you happen to see this yummy and God given diva. Penny Patra has a story to tell about her music and love life as detailed below.

Who is Penny Patra?

By original names, katwesigye Penelope aka Penny Patra is western Uganda’s sexy dance flow commander who was born and raised in Kazo-Kiruhura district. She is a daughter of Mr. Kalindoli John and she went to alliance school in Nansana and proceeded to MUBS though she never completed my course due tuition issues.

Music career

The diva stormed the studios four years back when she released her first single “Kyusamu” a Luganda and Runyankole about character change. The song got a great air paly though “Nambamwe” a kinyankole word meaning Number one made her a super music wizard in the west. Since it got massive air play on Radio, night clubs, ceremonies among other places.

Patra is also behind other hits like “Nankagu, kyakwera, Amabeere, Mundongo, Tinyine bwoba and Weakness” among others and most of her songs are based on true story where she says Her AMabeere song is about men who like feasting on ladies and once the juice is no more they run away as fast as Usine Bolt.


doing what she does best

“Yes the truth is that men are cheats. He wants you today and after enjoying your goods or else even producing from you then the chapter ends there.” Said Patra.

Penny Patra has scooped over 6 Western Uganda Awards and the Hipipo music Awards Best Western Uganda musician twice with countless nominations.


Penny Patra is a mother of one who she got during her senior six Vacation something she confesses being flattered by some gentleman who came humbly and flow in the air like a rocket after “killing the rat.”

The Nankogu hit maker says she is single, not searching though ready to mix and mingle.

“Getting committed into marriage is not on my agenda now since I want to focus on my music career though am also ready to have fun. Said Patra.


The diva confesses getting hardship with some producers who sometimes used not to understand Runyankole and as a result  ended up producing fake beats for her music. However currently things are clear because finally got great producers who understand the language and it’s the reason she is now doing good music.

The men who are just interested in having her in bed are also a huge challenge since they keep on wanting to utilize and taste her structure of her protruding behind.

Penny patra  besides music, she runs a boutique in Bugolobi and also planning to open up a bar in Mbarara probably before this year ends.

Though she has gone through hardships to get where she is now, Penny has a minds focused on becoming a big musician in Uganda and also planning to make collabo to put Runyankole Music to the top.



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