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Bride and Groom tips exhibitors on brand marketing

Bride and Groom tips exhibitors on brand marketing

PIC:Bride and Groom  programme manager Hajara Batuuka addressing Exhibitors about the Expo. at Fairway Hotel in Kampala on Wednesday June 13,2018. (Credit:Mpalanyi Ssentongo)
KAMPALA – Exhibitors who are bracing up for the 10 editionof the bride and Groom expo should use the few remaining days to market their brands and products on social media, Hajara Batuuka, the programme manager has said.
Hajara told the exhibitors that Vision Group has done its best to advertise the event and it’s now a turn for the industry gurus to pool crowds to their stall by taking advantage of the new media.
“We cannot do the advertisement for you. It’s up to you to market your brand and tell people where to find you. Use social media,” she said.

Bride and Groom  Exhibitors attentively listening to the organisers during a briefing and dinner at Fairway Hotel in Kampala on Wednesday. (Credit:Mpalanyi Ssentongo)

She was speaking at a press conference held by Bride and Groom at Fairway hotel, Wednesday evening.
Claire Nanyunja, the exhibition’s welfare in charge, asked the exhibitors to creatively come up with colour decors that will appeal to the eyes of the guests.
“Think of how best you can bring out your brand and create something extra-ordinary, something unique without being distractive to others,” she said.
The exhibition has over the time attracted the crème de la crème of Kampala’s fashion and beauty stores.

Bride and Groom Event Manager Joweria Nabuuma (left),programme manager Hajara Batuuka and Exhibitions welfare officer Claire Nanyunja during the Exhibitors briefing and dinner at Fairway Hotel in Kampala on Wednesday. (Credit: Mpalanyi Ssentongo)

This year, as Bride and Groom celebrates 10 years, top fashion and beauty powerhouses in the country have already booked spaces at the exhibition.
Exhibitions will range from hair collections and care products, wedding gowns, photography, cakes, facial care and beauty products to ssenga and kojja sessions, among others.
Bride and Groom also hosted the exhibitors to a sumptuous dinner at the Hotel’s garden later in the evening.
Most of them expressed excitement over the expo. Some of them are first time exhibitors while the rest have been there for all the 10 exhibitions.
Joweri Nabuuma, the event manager, reassured the exhibitors that unlike the last expo, this year there won’t be power blackouts in the evenings.
She said they have also banned loud music and the Public Address system will be provided by Silk events.

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